Activation Webinars

Activation is one of the most crucial metrics for any SaaS startup. But most don't even know what it is.

16 months ago, I quit my job to help founders and growth teams with product-led growth and I niched down into the world of activation.

Since then, I've helped 12+ startups boost their revenue by fixing activation. I've also interacted with hundreds of founders through my courses, webinars, and newsletter.

These interactions taught me what startups actually need to grow.

I want to share my learnings and help more startups.

So, I'm starting a new webinar series on why activation is the number one metric to prioritize.

If you're building or growing a startup, this is for you.

I'll host four live sessions for FREE to teach you everything about activation and other key product metrics:

1. What even is activation?
2. How to define and measure your product's key metrics?
3. How to improve activation?
4. How to use activation to define your north star metric and increase product-market fit?

First webinar is on the 10th of July: